Welcome to the new and improved version of PsychStudies. PsychStudies acts as a hub for studies run by psychology researchers are Swansea University. More news coming soon, but be sure to check out our active studies below.

Sexual Attention: Perceptions and Perspective Taking

We are conducting research on people's perceptions of sexually charged interactions across various scenarios. This includes asking participants to estimate the perspectives of other people. The purpose is to increase understanding of differences in, and motivators of, these perceptions. Your participation in this study will take approx. 30 minutes. Anyone 18+ can participate. Go to study!

Exploring the functioning of committed relationships during the pandemic

We are conducting research on how individuals in committed relationships function in the pandemic. The purpose of the study is to explore how differences in partner ideals, attachment styles and pandemic-induced stress correlates to conflict in committed relationships. Participation takes about 25 minutes. We are specifically looking to recruit men from the UK who are in a relationship. Go to study!