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Emotion and culture
Mid Sweden University, Poland You'll watch a short fragment of Breadwinner) and answer few questions about your experience, there will be a few questions about yourself before. all takes ~`5-20 min. Requires: calm and quiet setting to fully focus. There are no wrong answers. To participate fully, this study requires typical vision or hearing capabilities. It might not be suitable for individuals with conditions afecting emotions or thoughts. Participation is voluntary. You can withdraw at any point Duration: 5 minutes Criteria: 18+
Prevent in Post-16 Education
Nottingham Trent University, United Kingdom This research focuses on the impact that the counterterrorism strategy ‘Prevent’ has on young Muslim women and teachers in post-16 education. Duration: 60 minutes Criteria: Aged 18-25, identify as a Muslim woman, attend university
Shape-matching; exploring the relationship between perception and avoidance
University of Aberdeen, United Kingdom You will be asked to match shapes presented sequentially at different orientations on a computer screen- this will involve responding via button press (spacebar) to matching shape patterns. You will then be asked to complete a battery of questionnaires that measure autistic and demand avoidance traits (Autism Spectrum Quotient; Extreme Demand Avoidance Questionnaire- Adult). You will also be asked to provide details about your age, identified gender, and neurotype (inc. any formal diagnoses). Duration: 60 minutes Criteria: Participants must be +18yrs and have normal or corrected to normal vision
Personality and Responses to Art
Liverpool Hope University, United Kingdom This study investigates how your evaluations of art (i.e., paintings) may be related to aspects of your personality. You will view a series of landscape paintings on the screen and be asked about your experiences of them. You will then answer 4 short questionnaires about your personality and knowledge of art. Duration: 25 minutes Criteria: 18+; normal or correct-to-normal vision
Understanding homesickness and its impact over time for different individuals
University of East Anglia, United Kingdom We would like to understand how different individuals experience homesickness(HS) over time, its impact on well-being and if certain coping strategies (used to address HS) are deemed more effective for some people than others. We aim to use our results to help people who desperately miss their homes address their HS more effectively. This study has 5 parts, each 2 months apart. Part 1 will take about 45mins to complete. Participants can later choose to complete parts 2-5 of 10 OR 30mins each. Duration: 45 minutes Criteria: Aged 18 years or older; Must have experienced homesickness before.
The psychological needs of mothers with Type 1 diabetes (T1D) in the perinatal period
The University of Surrey, United Kingdom This research project aims to learn more about the experiences of mothers/ birthing parents with Type 1 Diabetes during pregnancy, birth, and the post-partum period. If you identify as a new mother/ birthing parent with Type 1 Diabetes, you may be eligible to take part in this online survey focused on better understanding the psychological needs of this population during the perinatal period. We hope to use this information to improve services for mothers/ birthing parents with Type 1 Diabetes. Duration: 20 minutes Criteria: 18+, mother/ birthing parent to child under 1, type 1 diabetes diagnosis
Impacts of Anxiety on Help-seeking Behaviors
Austin College, United States Social anxiety is one of the most impairing forms for anxiety, as it significantly limits one’s ability to engage and connect with others. Many sufferers may wait for several years before seeking any form of treatment. This delay in seeking help has been considered in previous research, though there has yet to be a comparative examination of help-seeking behavior among those with generalized versus social anxiety, and a lack of analysis regarding help-seeking behaviors aside from mental health. Duration: 30 minutes Criteria: 18 years and older
Exploring public health messaging and eating behaviours
Leeds Beckett University, United Kingdom The purpose of this study is to investigate the impact of different types of health messaging. The study involves reading an item of health guidance and a personal profile then completing a series of questionnaires and an interactive task. Duration: 25 minutes Criteria: 18+ UK Residents only. No Eating Disorder diagnosis.